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A glimpse into life with the "Apostles of Infinite Love"

written in 2000 by Catherine Boulanger


Apôtres de l'Amour Infini de l’Ordre du Magnificat de la Mère de Dieu

Since I found this sect / On the internet,
I hope to forwarn / By this poor quartet.
I haven't lost faith / So without a price
I speak from the soul / A word of advice.

By these strong preachers / Of the Holy Book
And of the Vespers / My family got took!
A schismatic group / Beware dear brethren
False prophets are here / Protect your children.

The old christian faith / Dogmatic teaching
They all seem legit, / Meant for deceiving.
A "Pope" of their own / And ladies are "Priest".
Are these orthodox? / Or marks of the beast?

"Monk" scan from a Magnificat calendar
"Apôtres de l'Amour Infini"
Apóstoles del Amor Infinito del Magnificat de la Madre de Dios

Young kids in their care / And parents apart
Totally unaware / What secrets take part!
Rare visitations / And strong fear of hell
Fearing reprisal / Most children won't tell!

Adults free to choose / Great saints can become
But for the children / It has been gruesome.
By a few members / There has been abuse
But for God's glory / There was no misuse.

Still based in Quebec / But spread out worldwide
This congregation / Has so much to hide!
Watch all their actions / Analyze their words
What hides beneath both / Are very sharp swords.

"Nun" scan from a Magnificat calendar
"Apóstoles del Amor Infinito"
Apostoli dell’Amore Infinito l’Ordine del Magnificat della Madre di Dio

Do not get me wrong / For most nuns and monks
Are sincere in there / Just a few bad skunks!
As God's good servants / With nose to the grind
In their total faith / Most have become blind!

Communications / From Jesus' own wraith
They teach "Don't ask why / Just make acts of faith".
For many parents / The safe sanctuary
Has proved not to be / In this monastery.

For the questionners / Those who've seen too much
Immediate fall out / From within their clutch.
To those who dare leave / Common predictions:
Of spiritual death / And maledictions!

"Young boy" scan from a Magnificat calendar
"Apostoli dell’Amore Infinito "
Aposto£owie Nieskoñczonej Mi£oœci Zakon Magnificat Matki Bo¯ej

Some persecutions / Are matter-of-fact
But some invented / Claimed to counteract!
What convenient ways / To cover up lies
And if you're lucky / Brings you new allies!

They are so spread out / With many a house
Like in a cornfield / Looking for a mouse!
It's impossible / To have them shutdown
Sometimes I wonder / Another Jonestown?

Please pay attention / The old news recheck.
Where there is black smoke / Could be a shipwreck!
May our God above / This story attest.
Use the links below / For info request.

"Young girl" scan from a Magnificat calendar
"Apostołowie Nieskończonej Miłości"

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